“Hypnobabies® with My Gentle Birth is DC Childbirth Education at its very best.”

~ Jenny, Silver Spring, MD, Hypnobabies student

“Hypnobabies® with Rose gave me confidence during pregnancy and on my birthing day.”

~ Amy, Silver Spring, MD, Hypnobabies student

DC Childbirth Education

Hypnobabies® is a complete childbirth preparation course. We teach the same medical hypnosis techniques used by people who undergo surgery with hypnosis as their only anesthesia.

Couples will learn about the stages of birth, prenatal nutrition and exercises, how to stay healthy and low risk, and powerful “Eyes Open” childbirth hypnosis.

Mothers are awake and aware, and can move about freely. They are still very relaxed, still very deeply in hypnosis, and still completely comfortable while giving birth.

Amy’s husband Jon had this to say: “I was pretty ignorant on the whole process before beginning Hypnobabies®. Rose not only discusses the childbirth process, but much more information about pregnancy and birth that was extremely helpful. Additionally, nothing can replace having an expert and advocate at your wife’s bedside during the birth, and that’s exactly what Rose was.”

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Current Class Schedule

6 - 3.5 hour classes over a 6-8 week timeframe.
~Saturdays 10-1:30~
July 8 - August 26
Sept. 23 - November 4

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DC Childbirth Education

Group Classes

Group classes offer the opportunity to learn the powerful tools provided by the Hypnobabies® program in a relaxed, friendly environment along side other families due at a similar time. After the easy registration process*, you can get started right away with your first Hypnobabies® download.
Curious about childbirth hypnosis, but not 100% sure? Send me an email and we can talk!


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*$100 deposit required, no refunds after the first class

DC Childbirth Education

Private Classes

Scheduling conflicts? On bed rest? No problem! I offer the entire Hypnobabies® program as a private class – in your home, on your schedule.
Know a group of moms-to-be who all want to meet for class at the same time? I am delighted to offer private group classes as well. Contact me for more information on this option.


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DC Childbirth Education

Home Study Advantage

Hypnobabies®  understands that making time for another appointment on the schedule is often more than many of today’s busy families can accommodate. But don’t let that stop you from gaining the knowledge and amazing benefits that Hypnobabies®  has to offer. 
The Hypnobabies® Home Study Program is not a watered-down version of the group class like you may get with many “home study” childbirth education classes. This program (available at my affiliate link) is has the full content of the in-person class.
The Home Study Advantage Class is a 2-3 hour private class in which we go over class 5, review postpartum information, discuss birth partner involvement, and have a birth rehearsal. You get the benefits of meeting with an experienced, passionate teacher (that’s me!), and still have the flexibility of a self-paced CBE course.


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